7 Smart SEO Tips 2012 by Najam Ahmed, SEO Consultant & Trainer, Dubai

7 Smart SEO Tips 2012 by Najam Ahmed, a Google Certified Search Advertising Specialist, Trainer and Digital Marketing Consultant based in Dubai UAE.

This SEO presentation covers:
– What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
– Why SEO?
– Paid vs. Organic Search Results
– Is your website listed by Google or other search engines?
– What are Search Engine Algorithms?
– 7 Smart Tips for SEO
— #1 Keyword Research
— #2 Page Content
— #3 Links (aka Backlinks)
— #4 Local SEO
— #5 Blended (Universal) SEO
— #6 Social SEO
— #7 Offsite SEO Factors (Increase Users’ Engagement)

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