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The Spartans of old were special. Their names were feared, renowned, and respected throughout the ancient world. Today, millennia later, they’re remembered for their strength, their intelligence, and their ability to dominate. We’ve taken the idea of the ancient Spartans–dominating our opponents–and applied it to our search engine optimization.

Just like the Spartans of old trained with the best, we have come from the best. Just like the Spartans of old staved off hundreds of thousands with only 300, our SEO tactics and our strategies are so powerful that not only can we get you onto page 1, you can dominate the page with multiple listings. Just like the Spartans of old are remembered, we’ll get you found, so that your business and legacy can be remembered. 

Search Spartan is an elite SEO firm that delivers what it promises–getting you ranked. We are Bakersfield SEO experts, as well as many other large cities. Everything we do is white-hat, transparent, and above the bar. We employ the most cutting-edge techniques and stay up on the latest changes of search engines like Google, so that you can focus on your business. A lot of SEO companies try cheating the system, and those “cheaters” get penalized, and their sites get “de-indexed,” which basically means no one can find them. We strategize with some of the best SEO strategists in the World to ensure that our strategies are current, up-to-date, effective, and safe.

We can create or rebuild your website to create a professional online haven for your customers.

We’ll go over your business goals and reconstruct your online business brick-by-brick so that you’re not only getting the maximum return on your investment but outranking your competition.

What do we offer?

* Site plan and structure

* On-site and Off-site optimization

* Powerlink building

* Web design

* Youtube marketing

* Connect business with Apple Maps for higher foot-traffic conversions

* Setup and/or link social profiles

* Daily ranking reports, as well as a monthly conference call.

Come check us out and see what we can do for your business.

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