What Is SEO | SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell Explains SEO On A Real Life Example

What is SEO and how does it work for you? Explained at http://dagmargatell.com/what-is-seo on a real life example SEO aka search engine optimization is all about accessibility, branding and promotion.

In this video SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell uses her proven story-telling techniques and tells the story of two women entrepreneurs who arrive to a networking event at the same time. Enjoy and have fun by realizing that online marketing and offline marketing has a lot in common.

You’ll learn 3 key parts of What Is SEO and what you need to think about to have all key parts in place.

#1: Accessibility – How accessible are you online?
#2: Branding – Who are you online? Who do you want to be seen online? Who are you seen online?
#3: Promotion – Who sees you as an expert and authority too?

After going through these 3 key parts you will have a good understanding of what search engine optimization is and how it helps you to increase your online visibility on the search engines. So you get more traffic and increased conversions!

SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell offers wicked SEO training and coaching programs, especially for non-technical online entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves as the next Go-To Online Expert Authority in their field. All about Dagmar Gatell http://dagmargatell.com/about/

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